7 Tech Devices That Help Senior Citizens Live Happier and Healthier

Can technology make senior citizens lead better and more fulfilling lives? The truth is it can, because tech innovations have actually made it possible for the elderly to live independently. Whether it is VR headsets designed for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or the best antivirus software protection for seniors, there is a host of high-tech gadgets designed to keep seniors safe and healthy.

The elderly population is not keen to depend on their children or grandchildren for help and support. They want to be able to age gracefully and actively, and technology alone can help them achieve this. This has given a big opportunity for manufacturing companies thinking of creating such tech products for seniors. With tech devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc, families can now set up alert networks for the elderly.

  1. Ask My Buddy: Here, the individual only has to be close enough to this device to call out for help, when they fall. In case a senior meets with an accident and is unable to get to the phone, he can always get Alexa to make the call o his behalf. Every name in the family list will be alerted at once so that help is instant.
  2. Ecobee Smart Thermostat: To change temperature in a room the senior may have to walk from one room to another. This is a problem when he is prone to falling. So, this device can be a godsend; it is voice-controlled and the user does not need to keep getting up to turn up the heat. The Smart Sensor will detect temperature and occupancy in a room automatically to make sure the ambient temperature is comfortable.
  3. LiSA: This gadget is designed for helping seniors feel less lonely. Social isolation can be a big challenge for many seniors and dealing with loneliness is never easy. LiSA stands for Learning Interface for Senior Adults and is designed to replicate 2-way conversations so that the senior feels he is talking to someone. It also keeps him in touch with the outside world. Seniors can create voice messages for their friends or family; these are converted to text messages for the recipients and messages from the latter are read out by the device.
  4. Amazon Smart Plugs: This allows seniors to control all electrical gadgets such as fans and lights, radios and heaters without moving. You can simply insert the plug into a socket in the wall and all devices are inserted into this plug. Users can then control this plug using Alexa on their smartphone.
  5. Nest X Yale Lock: This smart lock will ensure the senior’s home stays safe in case he has forgotten to lock it when leaving. He will not need a key to lock or unlock his door. This device gets activated with a passcode on a touchpad screen; users will be able to lock doors using voice commands.
  6. Cryptocurrency investment: Seniors can have financial independence if they invest a small amount in cryptocurrency trading. On the other hand, the Local, Federal and State Health Centers use many algorithms for record keeping of health conditions of Senior citizens. Therefore, payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc becomes easy for senior citizens if they add them to their wallet. Read this dogecoin kaufen 2021 article to learn about how you can buy Dogecoin. The article provides information about what to look out for to buy Dogecoin safely and cheaply.
  7. Grand Care System: This is a multi-purpose system for tracking daily activity; it also has medical monitoring of blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and weight, and can display diets exercises etc. There is an interactive touchscreen for viewing videos and images, browsing Facebook, listening to music and playing online games, reading the news and video chatting with family members. It uses Internet connection for communicating with sensors placed all over the house; caregivers can simply log onto a site to view the seniors’ activities, and send them messages.